We offer a series of workshops and courses for developers and product development teams.


All our courses focus on practical training with real projects development and team work. We accelerate developers' growth in both hard and soft skills, critical for startups and product development teams.

8-week practical course

iOS app development course with Swift 3

With this 8-week hands-on product course, learn how to build and launch world-class products like marketplaces, travel booking applications and more.

Starts on February 18

Free 1-day course

iOS Swift 3 Bootcamp

Whether you are new to Swift or have experience in Swift 2, perfect your Swift 3 skills with this free 1-day bootcamp. Learn what’s new in Swift 3, build real-world examples, and compete for a prize.

Saturday 25 February, 8am-5pm


English for Developers

This course makes English learning attractive and relevant to software developers. Our curriculum focuses on communication skills while learning technical terms and discussing technology topics.

5 weeks, 10 lessons


  We design and give workshops on request for events and organisations. Each theme features a presentation and practical exercises. Workshop sessions can be adapted in length and content to meet your needs.  


-Build an efficient agile team
-Build a minimum viable product
-Team work & Communication
-Vision and mission statement development

Duration: 1 hour or more

Order a workshop for your event or team

Order a workshop for your event or team


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